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AskJoeB: What else could he have done?

What else could I have done?

What else could I have done?

As is usually the case, i like to show the actual text so that others might read it. The reason i do this is because so many of you might have similar questions or have exprienced similar situations when taking photos for yourself. Here’s what Randy had to say:

“Hi Joe,

Attached is a photo I would like critiqued. It seems my eye is naturally drawn to more contrasty scenes so as I was riding my motorcycle one day passed a group of newly built grain silos, the way the bright sunlight played off the weathered aluminum of the silos caught my eye.

In this particular shot, I liked the way the highlights created leading lines to the center of the photo and sun while the rest of the silo went into the shadows with playful highlights here and there.  To me, it gave the shot an overall mysterious tone and perhaps abstract feel. It was an interesting shot to me, but I wonder if it creates any interest to another viewer with the way I composed the shot and the decisions I made on exposure and f-stop (purposely using a small aperture to create interest with the sunbeams). Or, is it a “Meh” and move on to the next photo?

What could I have done while composing or in post to create a more dramatic photo for viewer interest?

Thank you for your time. I am looking with interest at your PPSOP courses and have began reading your blog.”

Randy, There are several things I’ll talk about in my video to you. In my online classes with the PPSOP, and in my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshops I conduct around the planet we work on incorporating the “Elements of Visual Design ” into our imagery. As in my classes online I’m able to create videos for all the submissions, so you’ll find this a better approach than just typing out my thoughts.

Take a look: http://www.screencast.com/t/T3gyat74kCN

Here’s an example of adding a human element:  

Visit my website at: www.joebaraban.com, and be sure to check out my Maine Media Workshop coming up next month on the 27th of July. I’m now working on 2015 so stay tuned for more information.

Don’t forget to send me a photo and question to: AskJoeB@gmail.com


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