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Photo Ops

AskJoeB: Am I doing something wrong?

Andrew sent me this photo with the following question. I always like to share exactly what the photographer had to say since so many of you have either asked themselves the same question or have had similar situations. Here's what Andrew had to say: " Dear Mr  Baraban, Sometimes I shoot the sky from my […] Read More

AskJoeB: Does it Work?

Daniel sent this photo to me for a quick critique. I always like to quote the photographer since so many people out there have experienced the same thing or have had similar thoughts and ideas. Here's what Daniel had to say: "Hey Joe! Would like you’re thoughts on this. I tried to tie everything with […] Read More

AskJoeB: Would It Be More Dramatic?

Dawn is a very good shooter that recently took my "Springtime in Paris " workshop. She sent me this photo to take a look at. and as usual, I like to put the exact message my fellow photographers send me. the reason is that so many of you out there have similar questions or have […] Read More

As is usually the case, i like to show the actual text so that others might read it. The reason i do this is because so many of you might have similar questions or have exprienced similar situations when taking photos for yourself. Here's what Randy had to say: "Hi Joe, Attached is a photo […] Read More

Maybe it's a touch of voyeurism and maybe I'm just a people watcher who likes to observe how people go about taking pictures of each other.  Either way, it offers up a great photo opportunity. Be honest, haven't you stopped and watched people as they photograph their friends or family? It's one of my favorite […] Read More

Photo Ops: Recognizing The Moment.

I'd like to think that there's two photographers bottled up in this mind that's been covered over with curly whitish gray hair. One that is calculating, and always wanting to "make pictures" by scouting ahead of time to know exactly where the sun is going to come up and go down. One that wants to […] Read More

I just love thinking back over my forty-three year career to all the funny things that happened during some of my shoots, and I gotta tell you that there were so many that are repeatable and some not so much!!! If you've taken my online class with the PPSOP, or my "Stretching Your Frame of […] Read More

Life Before photoshop: VW Car Campaign

Well I'm back again with yet another example of what it was like when Adobe was a type of house in the Southwest part of the US. In this Life Before Photoshop post, we'll look at how we made things look as if they were screaming down the road back before we could just do […] Read More

I'll occasionally pick up one of my many photo books, take it over to the couch in my studio and look at the pictures while reading the text once again. One of my favorite photographers is Henri Cartier-Bresson...the father of "The Decisive Moment". I love reading what he had to say about his  approach to […] Read More

Rick sent me this photo to comment on and as usual, I like to copy and paste the actual words. I do this because there's a lot of my fellow photographers out there that might have a similar question, or have had a similar situation come up in their photography. Here's what he had to […] Read More