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Anecdotes: You’re Perfect

One can't shoot advertising and corporate photography for forty-four years and not have amassed several funny stories during this time. Some included the client, some the designer or art director, and some when I was sent on my own to shoot whatever I wanted. This was the case when a graphic designer and his client […] Read More

Anecdotes: Sal and Judy

Years ago, I was asked to shoot a brochure for a printing company in New Orleans. The theme of the brochure was "something's cooking at Upton". The designer had me go to five of the best known restaurants in and around the city; best known not to the tourists, but to the locals. I was […] Read More

Anecdotes: The Circus

Texas Monthly Magazine, based in Austin, sent me to do a photo story on the clowns of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus. I spent a week backstage in Houston at what use to be called the ...and a week in Buffalo. It was a great, once in a lifetime assignment since I always […] Read More

Anecdotes: Josephine

One of my favorite posts to write is about all the funny stories that have happened to me during my forty year career as a advertising and corporate photographer. During that time I also shot a lot of Pro Bono photography for various organizations. I was always eager to help out if it could make […] Read More

Anecdotes: My 40th Birthday Party

It's been more years than I'd like to remember, but when I do think about it I always give out a big smile since it was one of the best parties I've ever thrown; and I've thrown some damn good parties. It was for my 40th birthday, and I wanted it to be memorable so […] Read More

Anecdotes: Texas Monthly Shoot:

 I recently started a new category I call Anecdotes. These are funny or interesting stories or photographs that actually took place at one time or another during my forty-five years of taking photographs for editorial, advertising or corporate clients. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent, or those people that may not […] Read More

Anecdotes: Asics Tennis Shoes

This is the second post in my new category that I call anecdotes. These posts are about all the seriously funny to really dumb things that have either been said or happened while on my photo shoots. Trust me when I tell you that there no geographic boundaries when it comes to the things people […] Read More

Anecdotes: The Blarney Stone

This is my first post under a new category I call Anecdotes. In my online class with the PPSOP and in my "Stretching Your Frame of Mind" workshops, I'm always telling fellow photographers stories of events or just funny things that have happened to me in my forty-five year career as an advertising and corporate […] Read More