Dear fellow photographer:

My name is Joe Baraban, and if you’re as serious about photography as I am, then I’ve written this to the right person. If every time you’ve looked through your viewfinder lately and have see things the same way, then please read on.

At some point in our lives, we can all use a little inspiration; a little push on the ‘old caboose’, if you know what I mean. In this case, someone to help you see things differently, by guiding you through a new learning curve.

I will be offering a six-month ‘mentoring’ program where I’ll work one-on-one via a private online webinar to help you, through the use of various assignments, fine tune your ‘eye’, develop or strengthen your own personal style and find new approaches to subject matter…all to help you reach whatever personal photographic goals you set for yourself.

I will help you discover the energy you may have lost, and help you become more productive when you’re taking pictures on vacation, or in your own backyard. You’ll be exploring the ‘creative process’ while getting better at what you love doing.

Over the six-month period, we will delve deeper into my current workshop description “stretching your frame of mind” and explore in more detail my photographer’s ‘artist palette’.

Since light is everything and should be considered first, even before you start the process of putting your visual ideas into your viewfinder, we will concentrate on several lighting assignments throughout the six months.

As I say in my definition of color: Color is a stimulant for our eyes, and ties the ‘elements’ of a photograph together. Since color gives the viewer a sense of mood, place, and time, we will be looking into the psychological effects of the different ‘hues’ and how to use them in our imagery, as well as using color to move our eye around a composition. Color represents ideas, so we’ll discuss ways to communicate those ideas subliminally to the viewer.

Finally, we will work with the psychology of Gestalt. By understanding the theory behind Gestalt, as it relates to ‘visual perception’, we can control what and how the viewer sees when they look at our photography. Through additional assignments, we’ll be investigating the five best-known concepts.

Besides the submission of weekly assignments to me online, and my responding with answers to any of your questions/critiques etc., I will have a one-hour critique each week where you will send me some images, and we can talk about them on ‘SKYPE’. We’ll be able to discuss in a live mode while looking at and talking about your different images. During the six month program, you will also have my cell phone number to contact me during one of your outings to ask me an ‘on-the-spot’ question…except of course at sunrise and martini time!

At the end of the six months, provided you have committed yourself to the process of “making not taking” better pictures, you will walk away with a much better command of your craft. You’ll be at a higher level of perception and have a redesigned portfolio to show off your new skills.

For an additional fee, at the end of the six months I will travel to meet you for a weekend workshop where we can shoot together.

My six months ‘mentoring’ program will be a lot of fun, but more importantly, it will be about inspiration and growth.

Please contact me for additional information, pricing and mentoring session availabilities.

Joe Baraban

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