I am now offering an ‘online’ workshop to those photographers that always take their camera equipment with them while on vacation.

We’ll start out by doing some planning together of the photo possibilities of your destination. I’ll do your pre-production for you and give you a list of all the places you might want to photograph.

I’ve been traveling professionally for forty years, and I know what it takes to “make a good photograph” while on holiday.

By contacting the states or countries Department of Tourism, I’ll have information to give you on all the popular and the “hidden gems” there are for the serious photographer.

I’ll also give you the correct readings of where the sun is going to be and some advice as to the best times to shoot.

While you’re on vacation, you’ll be able to send me images of what you’re shooting. I’ll critique and talk about them. You’ll also be able to ask me questions you might have about a location you’re interested in shooting, or any logistical question you may have.

It will almost be like I’m there with you.

Please contact me for more details, including pricing.

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