I just finished taking Joe’s class and it was nothing short of extraordinary. Because of Joe and the ideas and concepts he teaches, I see everything differently now. Whether I’m driving along a country road or watching TV, I now see negative space, vanishing points, color, light, texture, pattern, line, angle of reflection, tension, perspective - everywhere. Knowing these critical elements of design have truly not only changed how and what I photograph, but have changed the way I look at the world in a very real way.

I cannot adequately express my gratitude to Joe for his caring and expertise and if you are considering taking a class or workshop with Joe think no more as I cannot recommend him highly enough. Just DO IT!!!


You've been the best teacher I've ever had anywhere, anytime on any subject. The photos I submitted may not have reflected how much I've learned, because I'm pretty stubborn in trying to capture candid, often uncontrollable, people shots. (But at least I know now when they're good and when they suck).

You've made my eye so much better. I have learned so much from this class that I can't wait for Joe part II. And thanks, especially, for your big heart.


It is one thing to “take a *photograph” and quite another to “make an image”. My journey began with the class “stretching your frame of mind”, with Joe Baraban at the helm. Under Joe’s guidance, I learned to ‘paint with light’, the camera as my brush. Also, by using color and the elements of design on my ‘artist palette’, I learned to incorporate the ‘theory of Gestalt into my imagery. Joe’s words are in my mind with every click of the shutter. If you want to get your self to the next level, you won’t regret having Joe Baraban giving you a nudge.

Lane Lewis

Joe Baraban’s course is first rate, and pitched at a level that in my opinion would provide a strong learning experience for any photographer, no matter their level or their primary area of photographic interest. Joe is attentive to his student’s questions and needs. His course materials are well prepared and illustrative of the concepts being put forward. Better yet, each week supplementary tips and advice were passed along to class participants in neat little packages with tittles like “The fifteen point inspection plan”. His photo critiques are honest and very helpful. A number of us would definitely take a second course offering taught by Joe.


Joe, thank you very much! This class was a very valuable experience for me. Your candid critiques were very helpful, and the most important thing I learned in this class is that even a good shot can be made better. For me it was hard to get use to new terms you use like negative space, vanishing points, angle of reflection, etc. Maybe because their meaning in the dictionary are different. But when I got use to them, learning from you was a great pleasure. I’m very grateful to you and I’m sorry this course was only four weeks.


Joe, thank you for a terrific class. I loved it! Why, because you put a lot of time and effort into your class. You gave plenty of notes and pictures to back them up. You encouraged us make the time and shoot, and be willing to talk about all of them. You took plenty of time to look at all of our pictures, critique then thoroughly, and advise us to retake them with your new suggestions. I learned a lot and I know that because of you my pictures will go up a level. If anyone were going to take a class, I would say “make it Joe’s”.


I think that this was one of the best classes that I have taken both at PPSOP and other online sites. Joe was innovative with new ideas and ways to take our photos up to another level. He also did excellent critiques of both our work samples and our class assignments. Joe encouraged free flow of questions and ideas in the Q&A. I would absolutely take another class from Joe if offered.

A student

My goal is to be the best photographer I can be and strive for that. I truly enjoyed the process of making an image with you. Your class is wonderful as it gave ne new ideas that I had not focused on before. Thank you very much!

A student

Joe’s class was challenging and difficult for me, but at the same time opened my eyes to new ways of seeing through my

camera. Joe’s experience as a commercial photographer and background in fine art has given him a unique combination of sense of color, light, design, and perspective within a framework of the practical aspects of what it takes for an image to sell an idea.


Your course is wonderful Joe and I thank you very much indeed. Your energy is infectious and your ability to lead us through the learning process is excellent. What an inspirational course Joe. Thank you so much for giving your time so generously and in such an accessible fashion.


Joe, you have inspired me in so many ways with your teaching. I have really enjoyed this class and I still don’t want it to end. I hope to learn more from you if I have the chance in the future. Maybe some day I see you in your workshop.


Thank you Joe for a stimulating class. It has changed how I see the world, and I know that my photographs are going to continue to improve, as your ‘artist palette’ becomes more and more a natural part of the way I work. You are a generous teacher, and I genuinely felt that you really cared about my growth as a photographer.


After I had worked through all the basic photographic subjects, I felt something was missing from my images. Joe Baraban to the rescue! His workshop, ‘”stretching your frame of mind”, was the most dynamic class I’ve ever taken. Joe is quick to answer questions and not shy about giving helpful criticism or praise. This class has truly taken my pictures to the next level.


What impressed me about this course is that what he teaches is fundamental to taking good photographs. He genuinely wants to help his students improve their skills and each week we were taught a new way of thinking, stretching our minds, and in the process, improving our photographic skills. His critiques on our weekly assignments were honest, but fair, and were an excellent teaching guide as he commented on what was achieved or missed. It was a pleasure to be one of his students, and I can’t help but think that anyone who takes a course or workshop with him will greatly benefit.


Thanks again for a great class. As someone who normally doesn’t set up shots and always “takes” pictures, it was challenging for me to start thinking about “making” pictures. It was tough, but I think you have opened my mind to more possibilities.


About your classes I can only say one thing: WHY ONLY FOUR WEEKS?!?!?!

I think you could extend your class to at least eight weeks. I am sure there is much more you could share with students. I am impressed with your photos, knowledge and your attitude as a teacher. I have recommended your class to all my friends.

This has been my favorite class that I have taken at PPSOP. Thanks Joe for all your advice and the awesome critiques! I will never photograph the same again!!! Hopefully I will keep growing as everyone in the class has already.


I, too, have to join the chorus in saying that this class has forever changed the way I shoot. It's given me all I hoped for and much, much more. The syllabus is masterfully structured and jam-packed with the best tips. Most of all, Joe, your generosity with your time and with your superior photographic wisdom greatly contributes to making the experience invaluable. Oh and in case that wasn't clear – BEST, BEST, BEST course I have EVER taken (and I have taken MANY!)


Firstly, I have to say big thank you to you, Joe - I have learned a lot and it prompted me to think much more about photos I have taken and which I would like to take. I have tons of ideas now - though the putting them into reality ... hurts...For the moment, I cannot produce the result I want. But I will strive to get in better shape soon and for that I am carrying my camera with “15 PIP” and ‘artist's palette’ around and asking myself about "does it" a lot when making a picture. All the best from Prague


“Stretching Your Frame of Mind was, by far, the best photography class I’ve ever taken for two reasons: (1) Joe is among the best teachers that I’ve ever had (in any field of study) and (2) the lessons that I’ve learned from Joe are so valuable that I now apply them to every single photograph I take. I cannot recommend Joe and his class highly enough.


"Amazing photographer…incredible style of teaching…a great speaker who I learned a lot from. I can’t wait to go out shooting on my own."

An anonymous New Yorker.

"Getting the versions of light from sunrise to sunset is an experience I’ll always use in my photography. Joe is a generous, humorous, and a very talented photographer."

C. Angelou