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Workshop: “Springtime in Paris”

Sunrise at the Louvre

Sunrise at the Louvre

I recently returned from my annual ‘springtime” workshop. This year it was in Paris, France and I have to say that it’s one of my favorite cities in the world for photo ops, good wine and food. Being around a group of good shooters doesn’t hurt, and seeing so many again from previous workshops is a great treat. I have people from all over the world and to have two women coming from Australia to shoot with me again after being in my last “Springtime in Tuscany” is a pretty good feeling.

Most of the photographers have either taken my online class with the PPSOP, or have taken my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshops I conduct around the planet. In these photos there are lots of elements from their ‘Artist Palette’ they walk away with from my online classes. If you’re wondering why you like so many of these photos for one reason or another…that’s the reason.

This time I’m going to divide my students work into two posts. This first one is about the city, it’s architecture, famous landmarks, and people. The next post will showcase the Eiffel tower. Since the Eiffel Tower is probably the most photographed structure in France, I had decided a little creative competition would be a good thing…a motivator, if you will. An exhibition and competition to the workshop participants to portray the famous structure in the most unusual and creative way. I had three people (not in class) decide on the first, second and third pace photo. First place was a crystal Eiffel Tower designed by Swarovski.

Enjoy the show:

FYI, it was difficult to narrow down the photos to a reasonably amount, so if you get tired looking at them, I’ll understand…although they’re awfully good photos!!!

Springtime in Paris workshop.

Springtime in Paris workshop.

Visit my website at:www.joebaraban.com, and be sure to watch for my 2015 workshop schedule at the top of this blog. I have two spots open for my workshop in conjunction with epic photo tours to Myanmar. Why don’t you come shoot with me sometime.

Don’t forget to send me a photo and question to: AskJoeB@gmail.com.


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    • Mira Otte June 7, 2015, 12:16 am

      These are wonderful. Are you going to do another workshop in Paris??

      • Joe June 7, 2015, 11:54 am

        Hi Mira,

        Although Paris is one of my favorite places in the world, it will be a while before I do another one there. The reason is that there’s so many other places I want to go to first.


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