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Student’s Work: PPSOP’S September Class

So many elements from the "Artist Palette".

So many elements from the “Artist Palette”.

One of my favorite posts to write is on showing what my online students with the PPSOP  are doing during their four week course.

Actually, I teach three classes: Part I, Part II, and my new class on the six principles of Gestalt. The pre-requisite to the class on Gestalt is to have taken both my Part I and II class . The reason being is that in my first two classes, we work on ways to incorporate the basic elements of visual design and composition into our photography.

Negative Space, Balance, Vanishing Points, Line, Shape, Texture, Pattern, and Form are all the elements, and by the end of both courses, they have become part of and placed on what I refer to both online and in my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshops as the Artist Palette. I also show my fellow photographers how to “make pictures” instead of taking them, and by the end of my class, they are armed with the ability to “See past first impressions”.We work on “Mastering the Light” and how to use it effectively to create memorable images.

To be able to use the left side of their brain, the analytical side, and recognize a tree for what it is…a tree. Then, to be able to switch that part off and switch on the right side of their brain, the creative side, and see the parts that make up the tree. For example, the patterns of the bark, the texture, the Negative space that defines the leaves and branches, the knowledge that if they anchor that tree in the foreground, they can create Layers of Interest, thus providing depth to their composition. By placing that tree close to the edge of the frame, they will generate Visual Tension. By sidelighting the bark on the tree, they can showcase the texture in bold-relief. Recognizing shapes, and using them to your advantage…etc., etc., etc.

Here are some of the finished results, shot by my students. They’re strong photos, sure to be remembered, that make the viewer an active participant (part of the Gestalt principles) which in turn will keep him around longer…isn’t that what we all want?

Enjoy the show:

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