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Student Work: January BPSOP Class

So many elements from her Artist Palette.

So many elements from her Artist Palette.

I teach my fellow photographers how to incorporate the Elements of Visual Design into their photography. I also show how to use specific devices to gain visual interest, i.e., Visual Tension, Shadows, Vanishing Points, Negative Space, and Silhouettes. I teach online with the BPSOP, and I conduct my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshops around the planet, and the knowledge of these elements is what they will walk away with.

Form, Pattern, Texture, Shape, Balance and most important Line are the basic elements, and over the four week online class, we work on putting these elements on what I call the Artist Palette. By the end of the class, these photographers are now armed with the ingredients to “make” strong photos. These photographers are painters who have chosen the camera as their medium.

As I’m constantly reminding my students, a camera on a tripod is just like a blank canvas on an easel. Since my background is not in photography but in painting and design, I show them the way I use to use these elements when I had a paintbrush I my hand, and how to make the transition to the camera.

I love to show what my classes did during the four weeks and I hope you will be as impressed as I am with the fruits of their labor.

Take a look:

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