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Shooting With My Class at the Getty Center in LA

I was recently invited to bring my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshop to the Julia Dean Photo Workshops in Hollywood, California. It was my second time, and it’s always a special treat to teach there because after all it is LA, and the weather can’t be beat for shooting pictures; not to mention the great staff at the workshop who are very professional and accommodating to me and the students.

I took the class to the Getty Center to photograph the wonderful architecture, and once we were there they spread out looking for the ‘elements’ of visual design found on their new ‘Artist Palette‘ (they began working on it the first day of the workshop), as well as ways to incorporate the Theory of Gestalt into their photos.

The Getty Center

While working with Rina, one of my students, this is one of the shots she took. Not only is it about Line, Texture, Pattern, Negative Space and Perspective (all of these found on her ‘Artist Palette’), but it’s also a great example of one of the concepts of Gestalt I also teach called “The Law of Common Fate”. I’ll be sharing this concept with you in a coming post, so stay tuned.

A really good photo Rina!!!


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    • Rina Shapira November 11, 2011, 4:41 pm

      Joe, I am so honored you picked one of my images to be featured in this post. I have been back to the Getty, and couldn’t stop re-playing the tape of all your pointers at every turn of the way. All the best, Rina


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