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Photography Workshop Overview

Several elements from my 'Artist Palette'.


When you sign up for my online class with the PPSOP, or consider taking my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” digital photography workshop I teach around the globe, this is the first part of what you’ll read in my workshop overview:


Imagine yourself standing at some location with an artist’s palette in your hand. A recently stretched canvas is waiting on an easel, and a jar full of cleaned brushes sits on a small table next to you. Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue, Raw Sienna and Burnt Umber are positioned side by side while Chromium Oxide Green, Cadmium Red and Yellow lie together opposite them; Mars Black and Titanium White sit in the middle. They all have been squeezed from tubes and anxious to be mixed together.

Now, imagine that instead of all those wonderful pigments on your palette, there are the elements of visual design and composition.  Terms like: Vanishing Point, Negative Space, Perspective, Tension, Color, Light, Texture, Pattern, and Line, have been etched into the aged wood.

Everyone knows what happens when you mix red and blue, right? You get purple. How about when you mix blue and yellow together? Green, right again. But, what happens when you add Tension, a few Patterns, and Perspective together while taking your daughter’s portrait during an outdoor birthday party? Or Negative Space, some Texture, and a Vanishing Point when you’re composing a street scene in a small Tuscan village? Or a small fishing town, like the one shown below that I shot while with my class at the Maine Media Workshop.

What happens? Well you’ll get the picture.

Check out my website at www.joebaraban.com for the rest of the workshop description, and come shoot with me sometime!!!


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