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Mentoring Program

Joe coaching a student.

Joe coaching a student.

Ok, here’s how the mentoring program works:

The program is all about you. When we first start, I would have you tell me your goals. The goals you would like to have achieved when the six months is over. These goals can encompass all sorts of things, from self publishing a book of your work, to marketing your photos, to creating a portfolio, to entering competitions, to shooting nature, to just being a very good photographer…etc,etc.

Whatever goals you create for yourself, those are the goals we’ll work on. I’ll give you a variety of assignments that will either have a direct correlation to a particular goal, or just to keep your ‘eye’ fine-tuned. Some will be a re-kindling of the ‘elements’ on your ‘artist Palette’, and some will be new ones.

There is no timeline for you to submit your photos. It’s at your pace. When you have several photos from an assignment, you’ll set up a Flicker account and have me on it. This isn’t one for everyone to see, at least not in the beginning. I’ll make comments on each one and have you go back (if possible) and re-shoot it. Since this a different program from the PPSOP, I’ll help you with any post-processing ideas.

We’ll also Skype once a week, or whenever you can. During that conversation, we can talk about your photos while we are both looking at them by sharing the screen. I also will occasionally give you video critiques that I’ve been doing in my online classes, although Skyping will be much better for you.

The cost is $1995.00 for the six months. $1250.00 at the beginning, and the balance after three months. I do it this way in case anyone isn’t happy and wants to drop out half way through… It hasn’t happened yet!!!

I’ve made it possible to pay with a credit card through PayPal.

I am mentoring four right now and would love to have you onboard. After six months mentoring, I can safely say that you’ll never look back at the way you were, the way you saw things, and your new portfolio will be the proof.

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