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Life Before Photoshop: Natural Gas Storage Facility in Houston, Texas

This is a continuance of my thoughts posted here.

red-pipes-with-round-tanks_DMI was hired by a company that supplied material to this Natural Gas company in Houston, to take a picture for their Annual Report to the stockholders. As  always, I went to the facility with the coordinates from my Sunpath software and my Morin 2000 to determine if this location would be better to photograph at sunrise or sunset a couple of days before the shoot,. After determining that it would be a better shot at sunrise, I walked around the entire plant to get the exact picture I wanted since I would only have a few minutes when the early morning sunlight would hit these tanks.

Although the tanks had an interesting shape compared to the typical round shapes I had been photographing for years, the photo still needed something. Since I wasn’t shooting directly for the Gas company, I could take ‘artistic license’ and create something that only existed in my mind.

Remember that these were the days before Photoshop, so whatever I came up with,  had to be created  ‘in the camera’. There was no going back in the studio and making it happen later.

Here’s how I did it:

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