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Life Before Photoshop: Allstate Insurance

Look ma, no Photoshop!

Look ma, no Photoshop!

In an earlier post I published showing an Ad for Compuserve, I talked about how I came about putting together a PowerPoint presentation that I now show when I’m conducting a workshop. As I tell my online students with the PPSOP, and my students that take my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshops I conduct around the planet, there was actually a time when you had to do everything in the camera.


Everyone knows just what that means, right? That means Photoshop didn’t exist. Unfortunately, the large majority of my students started in the digital era, and can’t fathom not being able to enhance their photos after the shutter has been clicked. It’s almost scary, as in freaks them out, when I tell them that they’re not allowed to use Photoshop in my class, and that I want to see their UN-CROPPED images right out of the camera. You see in my class it’s about becoming better photographers, not better photo-technicians.

Don’t get me wrong, I love CS5, and I use it all the time. But when I use it it’s because I didn’t have the control I needed to create my image in the camera.

WOW, how about that content-aware tool?????? It’s crazy!!!!!! Don’t you just love it???

I digress once again.

In the above photo, I was hired by the advertising agency that handled Allstate Insurance. The Art Director didn’t have much of a layout to follow, but what he wanted was to show a giant lobster attacking both a motor-yacht and a sailboat. I hired a good friend that’s a terrific model builder, and after we had a preliminary conversation over the size he carved my claw out of foam. He also devised a way to keep it standing up in very shallow water (as seen in the photo) while I had a sailboat and a large motor-yacht follow each other around me in a circle at sunset.

Remember that in those days everything had to be in perfect scale since it was to be created in the camera. Now, the claw would be a foot tall, shot in a controlled studio and Photoshopped into the shot with just the boats.

What’s the fun doing that??? For me, there’s a sense of accomplishment in knowing that Ii could do this in the camera. I could never feel that sitting in front of a computer.

But that’s just me!!!

Here’s how we did it. The first photo shows Danny getting it ready, and the second shows me in a Zodiac shooting it.

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