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AskJoeB: Kid Rock Photo

Brent sent me this photo of Kid Rock to talk about. The good news here is that I’m not a fan so I can just talk about the merits of the photograph!!!

Send me a picture of Neil Diamond, and it’s a whole different ballgame!!!!!!!


Ok, let’s talk about the photo:

I do know what Kid Rock looks like and I guess if this picture was only seen by his followers, it would be what I call a “Quick Read”. Now I realize that Brent didn’t have very much control if he shot this at a concert, but it looks like he was close enough to at least be in the position to create a dynamic photo of a rock star (Is he???). What I’m getting at is if Brent had a couple of hours to shoot, and I was (unfortunately) standing next to him giving him advice, I would tell him to wait for the right LIGHT. Concerts are usually about lighting, so I would follow the light and wait for something to happen, and wait with your finger on the shutter release at least as much as I would wait for whatever gestures and action that the singer is generating.

In this photographic world, there are lots of variables, but there’s one constant….LIGHT IS EVERYTHING!!! In my online class with the PPSOP, and in my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshop I take around the planet, I talk a lot about how to incorporate the elements of visual design and composition into your imagery. I always talk about Light, and how incredibly important it is in taking our photo “Up a Notch”. My phrase (soon to be a post) is, “You find the Light and you’ll find the shot”.

In Brent’s photo, only a small part of the subject is in the good light. Now, this may be a famous pose by Kid Rock, and many might say that the pose is more important, but I couldn’t disagree more. The Light is more important here and if the light had played a bigger part, it would have made for a better photo. I don’t mean to have him completely in the light, I’m talking about the light running down his left side. I want to see the light on the side of his face as well.  Also, if I’m not mistaken the hat he’s wearing is sort of a trademark. If it is, I would make sure that it was in the light and was easily recognizable. One thing I always ask myself is if the photo I’m about to take will be remembered. In Brent’s photo I have to ask myself if this is one of the best photo ever taken of him from the same POV as Brent had and will it be remembered.

Will you remember it?

Thanks for the submission Brent.

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Keep those photos and question coming to AskJoeB!!!


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