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Anecdotes: Bicardi Rum Shoot

A Wonder for the World

A Wonder for the World

I first talked about this shoot in a previous post that was called “Life Before Photoshop” where I said that the behind the scenes story would come out at a later date.

I love all the categories I write for my blog, but the one that brings back the funniest memories and moments is the category I call Anecdotes. These are stories that actually happened over the course of my forty-eight years as an advertising, corporate, and editorial photographer; the names might have been changed to protect the innocent.

Looking back over the years there’s been some pretty amazing things that have happened on a shoot. Some are downright unbelievable because no one could possibly say or do some of the things they do. I’m here to tell you that at my age I’ve seen enough to boggle the minds of both young and old alike.

I was shooting a national advertisement for Bacardi Rum, and the Art Director wanted me to put a full size pool table on a white sand beach. From experience I knew that Sarasota, Florida had some of the best beaches in the country, and had a totally un-obstructed view to the setting sun.

As most of you know by know Light is everything to me, and it’s what I stress both in my online class with the BPSOP, and in my “Stretching Your Frame of Mind” workshops I conduct around our planet.

I called the producer I had worked with over the years and had her start assembling all the pieces that are always need to pull a fairly large production. From shooting the different beaches to show to the client, to renting a full size pool table and having a company deliver it, set it up, and take it away.

Then you have the usual details like hotels, car and van rentals,  assistants, and anything else you can think of as far as aiding in the production. In this photo, a hand model was needed so agency photos were also sent to the client for approval.

Last but certainly not least was taking care of all the needs for Miss Bacardi, who came with her own entourage.

From the outset, I knew there was something special about Miss Bacardi but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Perhaps it was her question as to why someone would put a pool table on the beach????? Why only one instead of the several you would find in a pool hall???

There’s no denying the fact that she was beautiful and had a near perfect figure, but I could only figure that God ( in his omnipotent wisdom) forgot all about what to put on the inside of her head.

The day of the shoot happened to fall on the day of the Super Bowl, and we finished up in time to go to the bar of our hotel and watch it from the beginning.

Right before the game I went to a phone (no cell phones in those days) to place a small bet with a friend back in Houston. The game was being played on the West coast which was on Pacific time, which meant that it was starting three hours later for those on the East coast. It was being played in Houston two hours earlier than the East coast. Keep in mind that the game was actually starting at the same time from coast to coast.

When I returned and told my crew who I had called in Houston to place a bet, Miss Bacardi told me that it was a dumb idea to bet with someone that would know the final score before I did.

True story…they are all children dressed up in their parent’s cloths!!!

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